Hyderabad Corporate Cricket League
HCCL Orange 33


Start Date: October 10th 2020
Venue: BMR, SSR 1 or similar.

Tournament classification – Orange (Mixed Corporate teams allowed, current league players not allowed)

Entry Fee : Rs 33500
Early bird: 31500 (payments made before Sep 23rd)

Old friends: Rs 31500 (teams that have played in the past)

Old friends early bird: 30000 (payments made before Sep 23rd)

Guaranteed SIX Matches (5 League matches AND one knockout match for ALL teams. All cups will have Knockouts)
RED Ball and white clothing

Last date for payments –Oct 5th, 2020
VIP Entry : Pick the time slot for all your matches for an additional Rs 5000 (one team per group only)

likelihood of matches being reduced is much higher due to shorter days*

lock the day: lock a day between Saturday and Sunday for all your league matches for Rs 1000 extra.

Current league players not allowed


Three Cups Guaranteed SIX Matches (5 League matches AND one knockout match for ALL teams. All cups will have Knockouts)

  • Each cup will have a different winner and all teams get to play knockouts against similarly skilled teams!

  • Official Umpires for all games.

  • High-quality cricket balls, (SG Club, Grasshopper Clubman or similar)

  • Trophies for man of the match (every game)

  • Best Batsman, Best Bowler, most sixes & MVP awards.

  • In-depth statistics with wagon wheel, Manhattan chart etc

  • Video recording for all games posted on YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/theHCCL

  • Extensive leaderboards shared on Facebook.com/theHCCL & www.theHCCL.com

Registration process

Email or Whatsapp confirmation of entry
Make payment
Email the ID card scanned copies of 16-20 players to bilalazam@thehccl.com, this is used to verify league status if required.
Please Contact us for entry into this tournament and for sponsoring this event.
9703 693 852 – Bilal Azam

*conditions apply
**strict adherence to the rules ensures a proper cricket tournament for everyone to enjoy. Shorter days mean the time-related rules have to be followed very strictly.
**Morning matches could be affected by dew, please come prepared
**number of teams and tournament schedule subject to change, if there are less than 18 teams then there might not be any quarters
Prices do not include any refreshments or clothing
For full list of Rules please click here