Hyderabad Corporate Cricket League
HCCL’s Orange Premier League

Hello Corporate Cricket fraternity of Hyderabad !!


HCCL over the years has always tried tried to bring the best experience to all of you but innovating in the technology used, in the rules that are best suited for our brand of cricket and by bringing you the most exciting formats too!


The three cup format can be seen everywhere now and our community is evolved enough now to take it a step further! and while doing that also ensure there is no waiting period if you get knocked out too soon!


So we introduce to you “Orange Premier League” 


each division in this league will have 8 teams only, the platinum league will be the best teams and after the end of the season the bottom 2 teams will be relegated to the gold division. The top 2 of gold will be promoted to Platinum.


Similar process will be followed in all divisions. There will be no knockouts, so every game from the beginning will count. After the points the NRR will be considered so every run will count.


Your division will have teams similar to your level so there will be no easy games and no games which are too hard. Good competitive cricket all throughout the tournament!



Start date Dec 10th, 2017


Orange Classification tournament – Mixed teams allowed, current league players not allowed.

All teams play 7 league games, no knockouts

Tournament cost :

New teams : – 38500

Old friends: – 37500 (for teams that have played in the past)

Old friends Early bird: – 36000 (full payments that are made by the 30th of November 2017)


VIP slot :- 6500 (pick the time and day for all your games – only 1 per division)


Lock the day : – 2000 (limited availability)


Last date for full payments: Dec 6th 2017 (spots will be opened to the waiting list on the 7th)


Matches could be on either Saturday or Sunday for all regular slots


For the first season the teams may express interest on the division they want to play in but the final assignment will be done by a seeding system based on previous record.