Hyderabad Corporate Cricket League
About Us

In January 2012 HCCL was established out of a sheer need for a professionally managed cricket tournament in Hyderabad.

It set it’s own standard as soon as it entered and introduced some key features that were not available in local cricket before that.

  • Total transparency
  • Rules are enforced as written
  • everyone is aware of all the teams and the format
  • all matches scorecards and videos are available for anyone to see
  • Clear distinction between full corporate and mixed teams with different tournaments for each
  • Well planned frozen schedules – This was an alien concept in corporate cricket earlier. Schedules would pop up at the last moment and some people would benefit from it’s flexibility while others suffered. HCCL standardized a transparent process with its well planned schedules that are published in  advance for the whole tournament.
  • Introduction of digital scoring – Initially with NX Cricket and then later upgrading to CricHQ. HCCL has always provided the most in depth statistics possible in corporate cricket. Wagon Wheels, Manhattan charts etc & detailed career stats.
  • Videos – HCCL was the first to have all the matches recorded and posted on our YouTube channel.
  • Superior Quality facilities and equipment – HCCL has insisted on high quality standards from all of it’s suppliers. Only using top quality grounds that have been able to consistently maintain pristine playing conditions & Cricket balls that are of superior quality.
  • Zero Tolerance to indiscipline – HCCL has insisted on quality instead of quantity, if there were teams that were not playing in the right spirit then HCCL has refused them entry and banned players where required. Where this has caused us to lose some teams but it is something that has been appreciated by the majority of the corporate cricket fraternity.
Just like HCCL, HCCL RED was born out of a clear need. There were many companies who wanted to play against other companies ONLY and were not getting authentic tournaments where this was being verified and enforced. HCCL RED was created ONLY FOR SINGLE COMPANY TEAMS. This again has been growing by word of mouth just like the mixed tournaments.
So currently we have 3 classifications for tournaments
RED – Only for single company teams.
Orange – Mixed teams, no current HCA league players allowed.
Green – Open tournament with no restrictions.