Hyderabad Corporate Cricket League
RED – Current Employees of one company ONLY.
Orange – Mixed corporate teams allowed, current league players not allowed.
All matches to be played with official T20 rules
20 overs a side
Maximum 4 overs per bowler
Maximum 2 fielders outside the circle during power play (first 6 overs)
Minimum of 4 fielders inside the circle after power play.
Free hit for all bowler error no balls
One bouncer per over
Over waist full toss is a no ball for all bowlers.
Super Over to be played in case of a tie in all knockout games.
All teams are expected to be in full whites. 1 over penalty for every player not in full whites.

We will be allowing one substitute in most of our tournaments so you can have 12 players in your team. Only 11 on the field and lose ten wickets just as normal, the sub can swap between overs as many times as the captain wants. He can also bowl and bat.

Four overs per bowler limit still applies and if the sub bats then someone else obviously cannot

Important information
  • All Captains must submit a scanned copy of any photo IDs of all players of their team. 
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed on the playing field.
  • Alcohol is strictly not allowed anywhere on the venue.
  • Football style booking to be introduced, players could be given a yellow or red card for abuse, fighting, ball tampering etc. The Umpire or/and referee will inform the captain and post the card info on the website
    • Red Card – Player is removed from the game immediately and banned for one match after that, the team continues to play with 10 players.
    • Yellow Card – Player is allowed to continue in the game but if a player gets 2 yellow cards in the tournament then he is banned for the next match.
  • Teams must arrive at the ground 30 mins before the scheduled start time.Team sheets to be handed over 20 mins before the start. The toss will happen 15 minutes before the scheduled start time and the fielding team must be on the field 7 minutes before start. The first ball must be bowled at the scheduled start. It is essential to have strict adherence to this in order to complete 3 matches in a day.
  • Sides will be changed every 10 overs.
  • Teams will need to pay the full amount before the tournament start.

Rain related rules – 

Full washout – rematch
Partial washouts will be decided by DL first, if that is not possible then we will try to continue the match from the same position on a later date

During the shorter days if there is a tied game during league stages the points will be shared, super over in the knockouts… in case of a super over the next match could be affected with a delay and shortened and hoping for everyone’s cooperation as it is an exciting event that can happen with any of you and you would want the others to cooperate

Schedule related rules
Using the schedule of activities given at the bottom would help us start the matches on time.
After the “Match Start” time the Umpires could start giving penalties for any delays, the teams must finish all activities like toss, giving the playing 11, padding up etc before the start time, else the penalties could be applied. Penalties could be given even if teams do not arrive enough in advance to finish the toss, padding up etc before the start time.
If both teams cause delays – 1 over reduced from both sides for every 10 minutes delay.
If one team causes delay – 1 over reduced for every 5 minutes delay.
A minimum of 8 players required to start the match.

All player play at their own risk and HCCL is not responsible for any injury suffered during the course of the tournament.

Umpires decision will be final, applying any penalty or giving any grace period is up to their discretion, grace period will never be more than 10 minutes.


First Match
7:00 AM – Reporting time
7:10 AM – Hand over playing 11 list to scorer
7:15 AM – Toss
7:23 AM – Fielding team to get on the ground
7:27 AM – Batsman to walk on the field
7:30 AM – Match Start – First ball to be bowled

Second Match

10:30 AM – Reporting time

10:40 AM – Hand over playing 11 list to scorer
10:45 AM – Toss
10:54 AM – Fielding team to get on the ground
10:57 AM – Batsman to walk on the field
11:00 AM – Match Start – First ball to be bowled

Third Match
2:00 PM – Reporting time
2:10 PM – Hand over playing 11 list to scorer
2:15 PM – Toss
2:23 PM – Fielding team to get on the ground
2:27 PM – Batsman to walk on the field
2:30 PM – Match Start – First ball to be bowled